Coco Safar Menu with Prices 2023 South Africa

Coco Safar is a famous restaurant located in South Africa. Coco Safar Menu offers a variety of delicious dishes. Their menu features a range of options to satisfy every wish. They offer delicious lunch and dinner choices like gourmet sandwiches and flavorful salads. Coco Safar menu South Africa have something for everyone.

Coco Safar menu prices are reasonable and reflect the quality and creativity of their offerings. So whether you are craving a quick bite or looking for a memorable dining experience, Coco Safar menu is the best place to enjoy a meal with family and friends without breaking the bank. Here is the list of the latest Coco Safar menu prices 2023:

Coco Safar All Day

Coco Safar Menu in South Africa offers a diverse range of delicious dishes to satisfy all tastes. For seafood lovers, Coco Safar have the delectable Fish Coconut Curry with a harmonious blend of flavors, priced at R 110. Vegetarians can indulge in the rich and creamy Mushroom Risotto, also priced at R 110. Meat enthusiasts will find satisfaction in Smoked Brisket Sandwich, which combines tender brisket with smoky flavors, available for R 135.

For those seeking a taste of South African cuisine, Coco Safar have Safar Bobotie, a traditional dish bursting with aromatic spices, priced at R 110. Adventurous eaters can try Ostrich Pie, a unique culinary experience priced at R 120. The Salmon Troute Nicoise offers a tantalizing combination of grilled salmon, vegetables, and a zesty dressing, priced at R 130. Mutton Casserole is another hearty option, slow-cooked to perfection and priced at R 145.

Lighter choices include the refreshing Chicken Wrap priced at R 70 and the flavorful Veggie Burger priced at R 125. If you’re in the mood for a classic, Beef Burger is sure to please, also priced at R 125. For a vegetarian twist on an Italian favorite, the Lentil Bolognese is a satisfying choice at R 85. The Superbowl 2.0 is a bowl packed with nutritious ingredients and priced at R 90. Seafood enthusiasts will enjoy the tender and crispy Calamari, priced at R 75. Finally, Chicken Salad offers a healthy and tasty option at R 95. Whatever your preference, Coco Safar Menu is designed to provide a memorable dining experience for all.

Fish Coconut CurryR 110
Mushroom RisottoR 110
Smoked Brisket SandwichR 135
Safar BobotieR 110
Ostrich PieR 120
Salmon Troute NicoiseR 130
Mutton CasseroleR 145
Chicken WrapR 70
Veggie BurgerR 125
Beef BurgerR 125
Lentil BologneseR 85
Superbowl 2.0R 90
CalamariR 75
Chicken SaladR 95
Coco Safar All Day

Coco Safar Coffee

Coco Safar Menu offer a variety of high-quality coffee options to satisfy every palate. For those seeking a unique and distinct flavor profile, Single Origin Beans are the perfect choice, priced at R 115. If you prefer a decaffeinated option without compromising on taste, Single Origin C02 Decaf Beans are available for R 120.

For convenience and ease of use, Coco Safar offer Coffee Capsules in packs of 15, providing a quick and flavorsome cup of coffee for R 149. Voyage Beans, available in both 250g and 1000g options, are crafted to take you on a flavor journey with every sip. The 250g bag is priced at R 110, while the 1000g bag offers a larger quantity at R 395. No matter which coffee option you choose, Coco Safar take pride in delivering a rich and satisfying coffee experience that will leave you craving for more.

Single Origin BeansR 115
Single Origin C02 Decaf BeansR 120
Coffee Capsules (15 per pack)R 149
Voyage Beans – 250gR 110
Voyage Beans – 1000gR 395
Coco Safar Coffee

Coco Safar Specialty Bread

Indulge in a delectable selection of baked goods available at Coco Safar Menu. For a delightful treat, Coco Safar South Africa offer Mosbollejties in both half dozen and dozen options, priced at R 49 and R 89 respectively. Kalamata Olive Sour-rye Loaf is a unique and savory choice, priced at R 75, while the Chocolate, Cranberry, Kumquat, and Rooibos Sour-rye Loaf presents a tantalizing blend of flavors for R 145. The Apple-marzipan Ciabatta Loaf is a delightful combination of fruity sweetness and nutty marzipan, priced at R 95.

For a traditional favorite, Hot Cross Buns are a must-try, priced at R 95. Indulge your sweet tooth with Dulce-White Chocolate Babka or the luscious Dark Chocolate-Orange Babka, both priced at R 125. These rich and indulgent pastries are the perfect treat to enjoy with a cup of coffee or as a delicious dessert. Visit Coco Safar bakery and experience the irresistible flavors of freshly baked goods.

Mosbollejties – Half DozenR 49
Mosbollejties – DozenR 89
Kalamata Olive Sour-rye LoafR 75
Chocolate, Cranberry, Kumquat, and Rooibos Sour-rye LoafR 145
Apple-marzipan Ciabatta LoafR 95
Hot Cross BunsR 95
Dulce-White Chocolate BabkaR 125
Dark Chocolate-Orange BabkaR 125
Coco Safar Specialty Bread

Artisinal Bread

Coco Safar Menu offer a wide variety of bread options to cater to different dietary preferences and tastes. Multigrain Loaf is a wholesome choice, packed with nutritious grains and priced at R 65. For those with gluten sensitivities, Gluten-free Loaf provides a delicious alternative at R 79. If you’re looking to enjoy a burger or sandwich, Brioche Buns are a soft and buttery option, priced at R 55.

The Ciabatta Loaf, priced at R 45, is perfect for making sandwiches or serving as a side to soups and salads. For smaller servings, Ciabatta Buns come in a pack of six, priced at R 39. Experience a taste of the Mediterranean with flavorful Mediterranean Bagels, priced at R 55. Sourdough lovers will appreciate Sourdough Miche, a classic bread with a tangy flavor, priced at R 45. Finally, the French Baguette offers a crispy and light option, ideal for creating a traditional sandwich or enjoying with dips, priced at R 32. No matter your bread preference, Coco Safar Menu have a delicious selection to enhance your meals and elevate your dining experience.

Multigrain LoafR 65
Gluten-free LoafR 79
Brioche BunsR 55
Ciabatta LoafR 45
Ciabatta Buns x 6R 39
Mediterranean BagelsR 55
Sourdough MicheR 45
French BaguetteR 32
Artisinal Bread

Coco Safar Weekend Boxes

Treat yourself or a loved one to a delightful and indulgent experience with Coco Safar’s specially curated boxes. Start your day off right with Breakfast in Bed Box, priced at R 620. This box is designed to pamper you with a selection of delectable morning treats, including freshly baked pastries, gourmet coffee or tea, and a variety of spreads and toppings.

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast from the comfort of your bed, savoring every bite and sip. If you’re looking to host a charming afternoon tea, High Tea at Home Box is the perfect choice at R 1000. This box is filled with an array of sweet and savory delights, such as delicate finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, mini pastries, and a selection of fine teas. Set up an elegant tea party in your own home, complete with all the delectable treats and ambiance of a traditional high tea. Coco Safar boxes are thoughtfully crafted to provide a memorable dining experience and bring a touch of luxury to your day.

Breakfast in Bed BoxR 620
High Tea at Home BoxR 1000
Coco Safar Weekend Boxes

Coco Safar Gift Boxes

Celebrate special occasions or surprise your loved ones with gift boxes from Coco Safar Menu. The Luxury Pantry Gift Box, priced at R 480, is a perfect choice for those who appreciate fine culinary delights. This box is filled with a selection of gourmet ingredients, such as premium olive oil, artisanal spices, exquisite chocolates, and other luxurious pantry staples. It’s a treasure trove for food enthusiasts and home cooks, allowing them to elevate their dishes and explore new flavors.

For those with a sweet tooth, Sweets Delight Gift Box is a heavenly treat at R 520. This box is brimming with a variety of delectable sweets, including decadent chocolates, luscious caramels, delicate macarons, and other delightful confections. It’s a delightful gift for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life and enjoys indulging in luxurious and exquisite sweets. Gift boxes at Coco Safar are beautifully presented, ensuring a memorable and luxurious experience for the recipient.

Luxury Pantry Gift BoxR 480
Sweets Delight Gift BoxR 520
Coco Safar Gift Boxes

Coco Safar Morning Sides

Start your day off with a delightful breakfast spread featuring a range of delicious options from the Coco Safar Menu. Savor the rich and flavorful Chicken Livers for R 25, or indulge in the delicate and smoky taste of Smoked Salmon Trout priced at R 30. For a unique twist, try the savory and succulent Lamb Bacon, available for R 20. Toast and Preserve make for a classic combination at R 35, while the creamy and fluffy Scrambled Egg offers a simple yet satisfying choice for R 16.

Add a refreshing touch to your meal with the Citrus Fruit Salad, bursting with vibrant flavors and priced at R 30. Avocado lovers can enjoy the creamy goodness for R 25, while cheese enthusiasts can explore a variety of delectable options for R 35. Finally, the earthy and savory Mushroom provides a versatile addition to your breakfast for R 30. With these delectable breakfast choices from the Coco Safar Menu, you can create a delightful morning feast that caters to your taste preferences and sets a positive tone for the day ahead.

Chicken LiversR 25
Smoked Salmon TroutR 30
Lamb BaconR 20
Toast and PreserveR 35
Scrambled EggR 16
Citrus Fruit SaladR 30
AvocadoR 25
CheeseR 35
MushroomR 30
Coco Safar Morning Sides

Coco Safar Breakfast

Embark on a culinary journey with Coco Safar Menu that offers an array of tempting options. For a Mediterranean twist, the Mediterranean Bagel priced at R 65 combines the chewiness of a bagel with the flavors of the Mediterranean region.

Pancake lovers can indulge in fluffy and mouthwatering Pancakes for R 78, while the Brioche Florentine priced at R 75 offers a buttery brioche topped with a delightful spinach and cheese filling. With diverse breakfast menu, there’s something to satisfy every palate and start your day on a delicious note.

Mediterranean BagelR 65
PancakesR 78
Brioche FlorentineR 75
French ToastR 78
Croissant BenidictR 95
Eggs-CeteraR 75
Greek-style YoghurtR 68
Lemon Poppy WaffleR 95
FrittataR 80
Belgian Waffle and ChickenR 105
Coco Safar Breakfast

Sweet Baked Goods

Satisfy your cravings with Coco Safar Menu croissants. Try Croissant Churros Cream for R 45 or get a larger serving with the Croissant Churros Cream x 6 for R 249. Chocolate lovers will adore the Croissant Choc-Hazelnut for R 45, or opt for the Croissant Choc-Hazelnut x 6 for R 249. Enjoy the classic Croissant Butter for R 30 or share the Croissant Butter x 6 for R 169.

Treat yourself to the Sticky Bun for R 35 or go nutty with the Croissant Almond for R 45. The Croissant Almond x 6 is available for R 249. Discover the perfect balance of flavors and textures at Coco Safar.

Croissant Churros CreamR 45
Croissant Churros Cream x 6R 249
Croissant Choc-HazelnutR 45
Croissant Choc-Hazelnut x 6R 249
Croissant ButterR 30
Croissant Butter x 6R 169
Sticky BunR 35
Croissant AlmondR 45
Croissant Almond x 6R 249
Sweet Baked Goods

Savoury Baked Goods

Indulge in the delightful flavors of Coco Safar Menu. Try the Brioche Florentine at R 65, a buttery brioche with spinach and cheese filling. For a larger gathering, get the Brioche Florentine x 6 at R 359. Enjoy the unique taste of the Brioche Boerewors at R 65, featuring a South African boerewors sausage in a rich brioche bun. Try savory quiches at R 85 each: Foraged Vegetable, Chicken, Butternut, Onion Marmalade, and Margherita.

For olive and feta lovers, the Olive and Feta Focaccia Single is R 55, or get the 4-Pack at R 195. Classic Margherita Focaccia is R 55 for a single or R 195 for a 4-Pack. Savor the flavors and enjoy a delightful dining experience with bakery offerings.

Brioche FlorentineR 65
Brioche Florentine x 6R 359
Brioche BoereworsR 65
Foraged Vegetable QuicheR 85
Chicken, Butternut, Onion Marmalade QuicheR 85
Margherita QuicheR 85
Olive and Feta Focaccia SingleR 55
Olive and Feta Focaccia 4-PackR 195
Margherita Focaccia SingleR 55
Margherita Focaccia 4-PackR 195
Savoury Baked Goods


Indulge in a delectable array of treats from Coco Safar Menu to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Cafe Mocha Home Kit, priced at R 160, provides all the ingredients you need to create a delicious and rich cafe mocha experience. Savor the perfect blend of coffee and chocolate flavors without leaving your kitchen. For a delightful bite-sized treat, Mini Madeleines priced at R 95 are the perfect choice.

These delicate French pastries from the Coco Safar Menu are buttery, moist, and full of flavor, making them a delightful accompaniment to your coffee or tea. If you’re craving a unique and chewy indulgence, Chewy Choco-amaretti priced at R 115 are a must-try.

These delectable cookies from Coco Safar Menu combine the richness of chocolate with the delightful crunch of amaretti biscuits, creating a truly satisfying treat. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or surprise a loved one, these delightful offerings from Coco Safar Menu will elevate your at-home dining experience and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Cafe Mocha Home KitR 160
Mini MadeleinesR 95
Chewy Choco-amarettiR 115

Coco Safar Couture Cakes

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of luxurious cake creations with the Coco Safar Menu that are sure to captivate your taste buds. The Mango-passion Mousse Cake, priced at R 495, offers a tropical delight with layers of light and creamy mango-passionfruit mousse, perfectly balanced with a delicate sponge cake. For a zesty and refreshing treat, the Maxi Madeleine Lemon-poppy Cake is a must-try at R 295.

This delightful creation combines the tangy flavors of lemon with the crunch of poppy seeds, resulting in a moist and flavorful cake. If you’re a chocolate lover, the Cocoa Bean Flower Cake priced at R 695 will be a true indulgence. This rich and decadent cake showcases the deep flavors of cocoa in an elegant and visually stunning presentation. For those with a penchant for caramel, the Salted Caramel Couture Cake priced at R 495 is a showstopper. Layers of moist cake are complemented by a luscious salted caramel filling, creating a harmonious blend of sweet and savory flavors.

Each of these cakes from the Coco Safar Menu is meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients and attention to detail, ensuring a luxurious and unforgettable dessert experience. Treat yourself or surprise someone special with one of decadent creations and let the flavors transport you to a world of culinary bliss.

Mango-passion Mousse CakeR 495
Maxi Madeleine Lemon-poppy CakeR 295
Cocoa Bean Flower CakeR 695
Salted Caramel Couture CakeR 495
Coco Safar Couture Cakes

On the Lighter Side

Discover a diverse range of starters and light meals at Coco Safar Menu that will tantalize your taste buds. Options include comforting Tuscan Soup (R 65), rich House Pate (R 65), refreshing Avocado Toast (R 55), savory Mushroom Toast (R 50), Steamed Bao Buns (R 70) with delectable fillings, and wholesome Quinoa Porridge (R 65). Indulge in these delightful dishes for a satisfying dining experience at Coco Safar.

Tuscan SoupR 65
House PateR 65
Avocado ToastR 55
Mushroom ToastR 50
Steamed Bao BunsR 70
Quinoa PorridgeR 65
On the Lighter Side

About Coco Safar

Coco Safar is a famous coffee and pastry brand with branches across South Africa. Their welcoming, relaxed, and cozy atmosphere attracts coffee and dessert lovers. They make delicious drinks using the best ingredients and pay great attention to detail.

The menu has a variety of tasty French-style pastries, yummy desserts, and light meals made by talented chefs. Coco Safar’s branches in different cities of South Africa are perfect for people who want to enjoy a relaxing and delicious experience.

Coco Safar Menu South Africa
Coco Safar Restaurant

What types of coffee does Coco Safar offer?

Coco Safar specializes in single-origin coffee beans, offering a variety of options sourced from different regions around the world. They also provide CO2 decaf beans and coffee capsules for convenience.

Are Coco Safar pastries and baked goods freshly made?

Yes, Coco Safar takes pride in creating freshly made pastries and baked goods using high-quality ingredients. Their talented pastry chefs and bakers craft a range of delectable treats, including croissants, cakes, tarts, and more.

Can I buy gift boxes or hampers from Coco Safar?

Yes, Coco Safar offers gift boxes and hampers for special occasions or as thoughtful gifts. These packages may include a selection of their premium coffees, pastries, chocolates, or other gourmet items.

Does Coco Safar offer any gluten-free or vegetarian options?

Coco Safar strives to cater to various dietary preferences and often includes gluten-free and vegetarian options on their menu. However, it’s advisable to check with the staff or refer to their menu for specific options and ingredients.

Can I host private events or book a reservation at Coco Safar?

Yes, Coco Safar provides event spaces and private dining options for special occasions or corporate gatherings. It’s recommended to contact their team directly to inquire about availability, reservations, and any additional services they offer.

Does Coco Safar offer online ordering or delivery services?

Coco Safar may offer online ordering and delivery services, depending on their location and partnership with delivery platforms. You can check their website or contact them for more information on how to place an order for pickup or delivery.

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