Andiccio24 Menu with Prices 2023 in South Africa

Andiccio24 is a famous pizza and fast-food restaurant chain in South Africa. Andiccio24 Menu offers a selection of delicious meals. Their menu is filled with delicious options that serve different tastes. Whether you are a fan of classic Margherita pizza or adventurous flavors like the Mexicana, Andiccio24 Menu South Africa has got you covered. They also offer a range of sides and snacks, like garlic rolls and chicken wings. If you are a Pizza lover you must have to try Del Forno Menu South Africa.

Andiccio24 Menu Prices

Andiccio24 menu prices in South Africa are pocket-friendly, making it a great option for a quick and satisfying meal without breaking the bank. Their prices may vary from location to location,  so we recommend you visit your closest Andiccio24 location to get the most latest information about Andiccio24 menu prices. Here is all information about Andiccio24 menu prices 2023:

Andiccio24 Pizza Bases

Wholewheat Vegherita Base, tomato & vegan cheeseR 99
Banting Margherita Any banting base, tomato & cheese Cauliflower Coriander & Basil Garlic Pumpkin Tomato & Olive ZucchiniR 116
Gluten-free Margherita Base, tomato & cheeseR 99
Wholewheat Margherita Base, tomato & cheeseR 89
Banting Focaccia Any banting base, herbs & olive oil Cauliflower Coriander & Basil Garlic Pumpkin Tomato & Olive ZucchiniR 76
Gluten-free Focaccia Base, herbs & olive oilR 68
Wholewheat Focaccia Base, herbs & olive oilR 55
PenneR 88
Penne (Gluten-free)R 99
SpaghettiR 88
Beef LasagneR 98
Ciabatta Toasted Italian ciabatta roll with mozzarella cheeseR 62
Salad Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, onion & micro greensR 68
Soup Homemade soup served with an oven-baked ciabatta roll Choose from our delicious selection of flavours Butternut • Chicken • Minestrone • Spicy Chilli Bean • Tomato & BasilR 82
Margherita Large Base, tomato & cheeseR 89
Margherita Medium Base, tomato & cheeseR 79
Calzone Base, tomato & cheeseR 89
Chakalaka Spicy base, tomato & cheeseR 89
Pizza Wrap Base, tomato & cheeseR 79
Rosso Base & tomatoR 57
Herb Focaccia Base, herbs & olive oilR 49
Garlic Focaccia Base, herbs & garlicR 62
Cheese Focaccia Base, herbs & cheeseR 79
Vegherita Base, tomato & vegan cheeseR 99
Banting Vegherita Any banting base, tomato & vegan cheese Cauliflower Coriander & Basil Garlic Pumpkin Tomato & Olive ZucchiniR 128
Gluten-free Vegherita Base, tomato & vegan cheeseR 115
Andiccio24 Pizza Bases

Andiccio24 Toppings

Baby MarrowR 12
BananasR 10
BrinjalsR 12
CapersR 12
Caramelised OnionsR 14
Cherry TomatoesR 14
CornR 14
Cranberry SauceR 16
Fig PreserveR 24
Green PeppersR 12
JalapeñosR 10
MushroomsR 18
OlivesR 18
OnionsR 12
Peppadew® Bell PeppersR 12
Peppers RoastedR 16
PineappleR 16
Pinenuts RoastedR 34
Sesame SeedsR 10
SpinachR 16
Sundried TomatoesR 18
Tomato Base (Extra)R 10
Bocconcini Mozzarella BallsR 44
BrieR 36
CamembertR 36
CheddarR 24
Cream Cheese & ChivesR 24
FetaR 20
GorgonzolaR 26
HalloumiR 28
MozzarellaR 38
Mini MozzarellaR 18
Parmigiano (Imported)R 48
PecorinoR 24
Vegan CheeseR 58
YoghurtR 12
Balsamic GlazeR 12
BasilR 12
ChilliesR 12
ChivesR 12
CorianderR 10
GarlicR 12
Garlic RoastedR 14
PestoR 26
RocketR 14
RosemaryR 10
Spring OnionR 10
Za’atarR 18
AnchoviesR 24
BaconR 28
Beef StripsR 28
BiltongR 26
BoereworsR 24
ChickenR 25
Chicken BarbequeR 26
Chicken Livers Peri-PeriR 18
Chicken MayoR 26
Chicken Sweet ChilliR 26
Chicken TikkaR 26
ChouricoR 22
Egg x 2R 12
HamR 20
Lamb StripsR 46
Meatballs NapoletanaR 34
MinceR 30
Parma Ham (Imported 70g)R 75
PepperoniR 22
PrawnsR 75
Pulled PorkR 30
SalamiR 24
Seafood MixR 72
Smoked Salmon (Norwegian)R 75
Spare RibR 36
TunaR 42
Almonds RoastedR 16
ArtichokesR 26
AvocadoR 24
Andiccio24 Toppings

Create Your Own Sweet Treat

Nutella Base Base, chocolate hazelnut spreadR 64
MilkshakesR 48
Traditional -Blue Velvet ,Carrot, Chocolate, Coffeeccino, Oreo,Rainbow, Red Velvet Salted, Caramel ,Vanilla.R 36
VIP- Ferrero Rocher, Lindt Chocolate ,Vanilla Gluten-freeR 42
Create Your Own Sweet Treat

Choose your Favourite Dessert Toppings

Sweet treat options to top your dessert pizza or milkshake – Peppermint Aero Smarties Whispers 100’s & 1000’sR 14
Extra NutellaR 29
100 ml Cups -Belgian Chocolate, Cookies & Cream ,Salted Caramel trawberry Cheesecake ,Strawberry Cheesecake,Vanilla.R 38
460 ml Tubs -Belgian Chocolate,Caramel Biscuit & Cream, Cookies & Cream,Cookie Dough Chip,Dulce De Leche , Macadamia Nut,Mango & Raspberry,Peanut Butter Crunch Salted Caramel ,Strawberry Cheesecake, Vanilla.R 136
Choose your Favourite Dessert Toppings

Andiccio24 Smoothies

Nutty Butter -Almonds, peanut butter, banana & almond milkR 48
Bananas for Berries -Mixed berries banana, yoghurt, honey & almond milkR 48
Spice up your Life Whey protein powder, banana, almonds, cinnamon & honeyR 48
Go for Green -Spinach, celery, broccoli, pineapple, mango, yoghurt & honeyR 48
Andiccio24 Smoothies

About Andiccio24

Andiccio24 is a famous pizza restaurant chain in South Africa. It has branches all over South Africa, making it nearby for people to enjoy their delicious pizzas. Whether you are in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, or any other major city, you can find an Andiccio24 branch nearby.

They offer a wide variety of toppings and crust options, allowing customers to customize their pizzas to their wish. The friendly staff ensures quick service and a relaxed atmosphere making it a great place to hang out with friends or grab a quick bite. Andiccio24 is a go-to spot for pizza lovers across South Africa.

Andiccio24 Menu | Andiccio24 Restaurant
Andiccio24 Restaurant

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