Fat Cactus Menu with Prices 2023 South Africa

Fat Cactus menu in South Africa offers a delicious variety of dishes. Whether you want Mexican cuisine or simply looking for a flavorful meal, Fat Cactus has something for everyone. Their menu includes delicious options like nachos loaded with cheese, guacamole, and salsa, as well as tasty tacos filled with your choice of meat or vegetables.

Fat Cactus menu prices may vary by location, But their menu price is so much reasonable, allowing you to enjoy a satisfying meal without breaking the bank. Here is a detailed list of the latest Fat Cactus menu prices 2023 South Africa:

Fat Cactus Fajitas

Fat Cactus menu in South Africa offers a tantalizing selection of grilled dishes that are sure to satisfy your appetite. From the Fresh Grilled Veg Mexicana for vegetarians at R 129, to the succulent Grilled Chicken at R 155, and the mouthwatering Barbecue Steak at R 199 for meat lovers, there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss the Barbecue Pulled Pork at R 165 and the flavorful Greek Lamb at R 210, both guaranteed to deliver a delightful culinary experience.

Fresh Grilled Veg MexicanaR 129
Grilled ChickenR 155
Barbecue SteakR 199
Barbecue Pulled PorkR 165
Greek LambR 210
Fat Cactus Fajitas

Fat Cactus Quesadillas

The Fat Cactus menu offers a diverse selection of dishes that will excite your taste buds. The Annie Oakley, priced at R 111, provides a classic and timeless option with its traditional flavors and comforting ingredients. For those craving something spicier, the Chi Chi Chi priced at R 135 delivers a bold punch of fiery spices.

The Pistol Pete, priced at R 145, offers a playful twist with its inventive combination of ingredients and creative presentation. Lastly, the Happy Hog priced at R 141 caters to barbecue enthusiasts with its slow-cooked perfection and mouthwatering barbecue sauce. No matter your preference, Fat Cactus menu in South Africa guarantees a satisfying experience for every palate.

Annie OakleyR 111
Chi Chi ChiR 135
Pistol PeteR 145
Happy HogR 141
Fat Cactus Quesadillas

Fat Cactus Texan Burgers

Fat Cactus in South Africa offers a diverse menu to cater to various tastes. Their classic American burgers, like The American and The Duke (R 139), are popular choices, while the Rock Hudson (R 145) pays tribute to Hollywood’s golden age. Chicken lovers can enjoy the Chicky Chicky and Hot Chicky (R 125), while vegetarians can opt for the Hip Veggie (R 125). Barbecue enthusiasts can indulge in the Pulled Pork (R 135), and for variety, the Three Amigos (R 135) offers mini-burgers with unique twists. Lastly, the hearty Fat Boy (R 125) ensures a satisfying experience for all appetites.

The AmericanR 139
The DukeR 139
Rock HudsonR 145
Chicky ChickyR 125
Hot ChickyR 125
Fat BoyR 125
Three AmigosR 135
Hip VeggieR 125
Park RoadR 155
Pulled PorkR 135
Fat Cactus Texan Burgers
Fat Cactus Hot Chicky
Fat Cactus Hot Chicky

Fat Cactus Fat Snactus

Fat Cactus offers a tantalizing array of appetizers perfect for sharing or enjoying as a light meal. From succulent Rib Basket to playful Amazeballs and crispy Fridas Fritters, there’s something for everyone. Wing lovers will enjoy the flavorful Wing Basket, while the Chick N Waffle combines sweet and savory in perfect harmony. For a spicy kick, try the Chilli Poppers, or indulge in the crispy and tender Calamari Fritos. Vegetarians will love the Bangoino Cauliflower, and the Cheezy Nachos are a timeless favorite. Fat Cactus South Africa ensures a delightful dining experience with its diverse and mouthwatering appetizer menu.

Rib BasketR 120
AmazeballsR 90
Fridas FrittersR 85
Wing BasketR 95
Chick N WaffleR 90
Corn DawgsR 85
Chilli PoppersR 90
Calamari FritosR 110
Shanghai NoonR 92
Bangoino CauliflowerR 82
Cheezy NachosR 85
Fat Cactus Fat Snactus

Food Truck Tacos and Salads

At Fat Cactus, you’ll find a diverse menu that caters to all tastes and dietary preferences. Indulge in our Country Fried Chicken for a comforting and flavorful experience, or savor the mouthwatering Barbecue Pulled Pork for a smoky and tangy delight. If you crave Mediterranean flavors, our Greek Lamb is a standout choice, while the Chipotle Steak offers a spicy kick. Vegetarian options like the Falafel and vegan dishes like The Vegan provide delicious plant-based alternatives. Seafood lovers can enjoy the Golden Fish, and those seeking a lean meal can opt for our Grilled Chicken. With something for everyone, Fat Cactus Menu guarantees a culinary adventure for all palates.

Country Fried ChickenR 135
Barbecue Pulled PorkR 145
Greek LambR 185
Chipotle SteakR 155
FalafelR 125
Golden FishR 135
The VeganR 125
Grilled ChickenR 135
Food Truck Tacos and Salads
Fat Cactus Falafel
Fat Cactus Falafel

South of the Border

Indulge in Fat Cactus’ Mexican-inspired delights, transporting your taste buds to the vibrant streets of Mexico. Try our Refried Beans for R 128, offering a creamy and savory side dish made with perfectly seasoned pinto beans. For a messy and satisfying experience, don’t miss the Sloppy Joe Beef priced at R 145, a delicious blend of tender ground beef and tangy tomato-based sauce. If you prefer veggies, our Grilled Veg Mexicana at R 125 bursts with flavors, while the protein-packed Mexican Chicken for R 130 delivers a juicy and authentic experience. No matter your preference, Fat Cactus Menu has something to satisfy every craving in South Africa.

Refried BeansR 128
Sloppy Joe BeefR 145
Grilled Veg MexicanaR 125
Mexican ChickenR 130
South of the Border

Cowboy Nachos

Fat Cactus Menu offers an enticing array of gourmet pizzas, like the Beeg Cheezy (R 135), a cheese lover’s dream, the zesty Lime and Coriander (R 145), and the spicy Chorizo, Jalapeno, and Feta (R 145). Indulge in the Bacon, Blue Cheese, and Feta (R 145) for a savory and decadent treat. These unique combinations are sure to please discerning pizza lovers.

Beeg CheezyR 135
Lime and CorianderR 145
Chorizo, Jalapeno, and FetaR 145
Bacon, Blue Cheese, and FetaR 145
Cowboy Nachos
Fat Cactus Menu South Africa
Fat Cactus Restaurant

About Fat Cactus

Fat Cactus is a famous restaurant chain in South Africa known for its delicious Mexican cuisine and laid-back atmosphere. With branches in various cities across South Africa, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, Fat Cactus has become a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike.

The restaurant offers a vibrant and welcoming ambiance, perfect for enjoying a meal with friends or family. The menu features a selection of tasty dishes. With its friendly service and affordable prices, Fat Cactus provides a fantastic dining experience for those who want a taste of Mexico in South Africa.


Does Fat Cactus cater to dietary restrictions or food allergies?

Yes, Fat Cactus offers options for various dietary preferences and can accommodate certain food allergies. They have vegetarian and vegan options available, as well as gluten-free choices. It’s best to inform the staff about your dietary restrictions or allergies when placing your order.

Can I make a reservation at Fat Cactus?

Yes, you can make a reservation at Fat Cactus. It’s recommended, especially during peak hours or busy days, to ensure you have a table available upon your arrival. You can make a reservation online or by calling the specific location you plan to visit.

Does Fat Cactus offer takeout or delivery services?

Yes, Fat Cactus provides takeout and delivery services. You can order your favorite Tex-Mex dishes for pickup or have them delivered to your doorstep. Check their website or contact the nearest location for more information on their delivery options.

Does Fat Cactus have a full bar?

Yes, Fat Cactus typically has a full bar that offers a variety of beverages, including cocktails, beer, wine, and non-alcoholic options. They often have specialty margaritas and other Tex-Mex inspired drinks available.

Does Fat Cactus accept credit cards?

Yes, Fat Cactus generally accepts credit cards as a form of payment. They usually accept major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. However, it’s always a good idea to check with the specific location regarding their accepted payment methods.

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