Cappuccinos Menu with Prices 2023 in South Africa

Cappuccinos menu in South Africa offers delicious dishes at affordable prices. Whether you want a hearty breakfast or a satisfying lunch, Cappuccinos menu has something for everyone. Start your day with their delicious eggs benedict. If you’re in the mood for a light lunch, their fresh garden salad topped with grilled chicken is a refreshing choice. For those seeking a more indulgent meal, their signature Cappuccinos burger and a side of crispy fries can be enjoyed. Don’t forget to taste their famous cappuccinos made with rich espresso and creamy foam.

Cappuccinos Menu Prices 2023

Cappuccinos menu prices are much more affordable, So you should go there today and enjoy their yummy food without spending too much money. Here is all the information about the latest Cappuccinos menu prices in 2023:

Cappuccinos Pasta

Cappuccinos offers a tasty menu with something for everyone. Try the Gourmet Mac and Cheese for R 105, Spaghetti Al Paella for R 145, or Spaghetti Pollo Piccante for R 119. If you prefer poultry, go for the Basil-Pesto Chicken or Chicken Supremo, both for R 125. Meat lovers will enjoy the Beef Lasagne for R 119. Cappuccinos has options to please every palate.

Gourmet Mac and CheeseR 105
Spaghetti Al PaellaR 145
Spaghetti Pollo PiccanteR 119
Basil-Pesto ChickenR 125
Chicken SupremoR 125
Beef LasagneR 119
Cappuccinos Pasta

Cappuccinos Dessert

Satisfy your sweet tooth with irresistible desserts at Cappuccinos Menu! Try the beloved Malva Pudding for R 70, a caramel-filled South African treat that leaves you craving more. Chocolate lovers will adore the Choc Brownie Fun, priced at R 69, offering a rich and fudgy experience.

For a refreshing twist, the Peppermint Crisp dessert (R 76) combines minty freshness with a crunchy chocolate bar. Indulge in the classic combo of Ice Cream and Bar-One Chocolate Sauce (R 69), blending creamy ice cream with decadent chocolate. These delectable desserts provide the perfect sweet ending to your meal, leaving a lingering satisfaction.

Malva PuddingR 70
Choc Brownie FunR 69
Peppermint CrispR 76
Ice Cream and Bar-One Chocoalte SuaceR 69
Cappuccinos Dessert

Cappuccinos Pizzas

Discover a wide range of delicious pizzas at Cappuccinos menu. From cheesy delights like the Three Cheese Tropicana (R 95) to flavorful vegetarian options like the Vegetarian pizza (R 114), there’s something for everyone. Meat lovers can savor the Pepperoni Americano and Italian Chicken and Mushroom (both R 114), while bold flavors await with the Mexicana and Rucola pizzas (R 130 each). The Quattro Stagioni (R 130) represents the four seasons, while the Athena (R 114) brings Mediterranean vibes.

For a classic choice, try the Margherita (R 89), and the Regina (R 103) combines ham and mushrooms perfectly. Enjoy a satisfying dining experience with Cappuccinos’ diverse pizza selection!

Three Cheese TropicanaR 95
VegetarianR 114
Quattro FormaggiR 105
RomanoR 114
Pepperoni AmericanoR 114
MexicanaR 130
RucolaR 130
Quattro StagioniR 130
AthenaR 114
MargheritaR 89
Italian Chicken and MushroomR 130
ReginaR 103
Cappuccinos Pizzas

Cappuccinos Burgers

Get ready for a mouthwatering burger experience at Cappuccinos menu! Sink your teeth into a range of delicious options like the Big Cheese with gooey melted cheese on a juicy beef patty for R 121. Try the luxurious Bacon and Brie burger for R 160, combining rich brie cheese with crispy bacon. The Bacon, Egg, and Cheese burger for R 142 offers a hearty option with a fried egg. Get a spicy kick with the Chili Cheese Burger for R 153, or go gourmet with the Cappos Burger for R 197. And for a classic choice, try the Original Burgers for R 112. Enjoy the adventure of flavors at Cappuccinos!

Big CheeseR 121
Bacon and BrieR 160
Bacon,egg,cheeseR 142
Chili Cheese BurgerR 153
Cappos BurgerR 197
Original BurgersR 112
Cappuccinos Burgers

Cappuccinos Breakfasts

Enjoy a delicious breakfast with options at Cappuccinos Menu, like Bacon & Syrup (R 84), Butter & Jam (R 39), Low Carb Breakfast (R 99), Scrambled Egg & Avo (R 74), and more. Customize your meal with add-ons like cheddar, back bacon, or mushrooms. They also have Breakfast Wraps (R 84) with various fillings and tasty choices like Breakfast Livers (R 72). For a well-rounded experience, try the Everyday Breakfast (R 49), South African Breakfast (R 89), or Cappos Breakfast (R 145). Omelettes, back bacon, and brie combos are available too.

If you’re hungry, go for the Steak, Egg & Chips (R 99). Indulge in French Toast (R 59) or opt for the Granola & Fruit Parfait (R 69) for a lighter option. Start your day deliciously at Cappuccinos!

Bacon & SyrupR 84
Butter & JamR 39
Add cheddarR 22
Low Carb BreakfastR 99
Crambled Egg & AvoR 74
Add back baconR 29
Add mushroomsR 21
Breakfast WrapsR 84
Tomato, green pepper, onion, fresh basilR 13
MushroomsR 18
Ham, salami, cajun chicken, feta, mozzarella, cheddar, creamed spinachR 22
Back bacon rashers, cheese griller, fresh avo*R 29
Breakfast LiversR 72
Everyday BreakfastR 49
South African BreakfastR 89
Cappos BreakfastR 145
OmelettesR 99
back baconR 83
back bacon & brieR 101
spinach & fetaR 80
Cappos-JacksR 79
Steak, Egg & ChipsR 99
Low CarbingR 21
French ToastR 59
Granola & Fruit FarfaitR 69
Cappuccinos Breakfasts

The Bread Box

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with a delightful selection of pizza toppings at Cappuccinos menu. Choose from options like the Back bacon, creamy avo & mozzarella pizza (R 87), the Back bacon, egg & cheddar pizza (R 66), the Chicken mayo & mozzarella pizza (R 86), the Sweet-chilli chicken, pineapple & mozzarella pizza (R 121), the Creamed spinach, feta, kalamata olives & mozzarella pizza (R 118), the Hickory ham, cheddar & tomato pizza (R 86), the Chicken mayo pizza (R 76), the Haloumi pizza (R 113), the Crumbed Chicken pizza (R 111), the Cajun Chicken pizza (R 106), the Mince and Red Onion pizza (R 116), and the Cheese & Jalapeño pizza (R 111). Enjoy a diverse and delicious pizza experience at Cappuccinos!

Back bacon, creamy avo & mozzarellaR 87
Back bacon, egg & cheddarR 66
Chicken mayo & mozzarellaR 86
Back bacon, egg & cheddarR 118
Back bacon, creamy avo & mozzarellaR 118
Sweet-chilli chicken, pineapple & mozzarellaR 121
Creamed spinach, feta, kalamata olives & mozzarellaR 118
Hickory ham, cheddar & tomatoR 86
Chicken mayoR 76
HaloumiR 113
Crumbed ChickenR 111
Cajun ChickenR 106
Mince and Red OnionR 116
Cheese & JapapeñoR 111
The Bread Box

Cappuccinos Salads

Cappuccinos menu offers a range of delightful salads for those seeking lighter and refreshing options. The Cajun Chicken Salad (R 113) features flavorful Cajun-spiced chicken on crisp greens. The Greek salad (R 85) showcases fresh Mediterranean ingredients in a tangy dressing. The Haloumi salad (R 139) combines grilled haloumi cheese with vibrant greens.

The Bacon Avo salad (R 132) pairs crispy bacon with creamy avocado. The Grilled Steak salad (R 120) offers juicy steak on mixed greens. The Sesame Chicken salad (R 120) has tender chicken in a sesame dressing. These salads cater to different preferences, ensuring a satisfying meal.

Cajun Chicken SaladR 113
GreekR 85
Bacon AvoR 132
Grilled SteakR 120
Sesame ChickenR 120
Cappuccinos Salads

Something Light

Cappuccinos menu offers a mouthwatering main dishes. The Trinchado is tender beef strips cooked in a garlic and wine sauce for R 92. The Gratinati is oven-baked pasta with a creamy and cheesy sauce for R 97. The Flamed Grilled Chicken Breast is juicy chicken breast for R 90.

The Beefy Mushroom dish combines tender beef with mushrooms for R 102. The Black Mushrooms highlight unique flavors for R 84. Enjoy beef, chicken, or pasta at Cappuccinos!

TrinchadoR 92
GratinatiR 97
Flamed Grilled Chicken BreastR 90
Beefy MushroomR 102
Black MushroomsR 84
Something Light

Cappuccinos Combo Meals

Cappuccinos menu offers a variety of tempting meat and seafood combos. The Chicken Combo is R 265, the T-bone and Wings combo is R 253, the Chicken and Prawns combo is R 215, the Hake and Calamari combo is R 199, the Hake and Prawns combo is R 225, the Calamari and Prawns combo is R 225, the Sirloin and Prawns combo is R 199, the Cappos Grill combo is R 255, the Ribs and Wings combo is R 239, the Short Rib and Calamari combo is R 225, and the Chicken and Short Rib combo is R 196. These combos offer a variety of meats and seafood for a satisfying dining experience.

Chicken ComboR 265
T-bone and WingsR 253
Chicken and PrawnsR 215
Hake and CalamariR 199
Hake and PrawnsR 225
Calamari and PrawnsR 225
Sirloin and PrawnsR 199
Cappos GrillR 255
Ribs and WingsR 239
Short Rib and CalamariR 225
Chicken and Short RibR 196
Cappuccinos Combo Meals

Cappuccinos Drinks

Enjoy a variety of delightful beverages at Cappuccinos menu. Start your day with a rich Single Espresso for R 25 (regular) or R 28 (large). Try the classic Cappuccino for R 33 or the unique Cremaccino (R 37) and Grande Cremaccino (R 42) for rich flavors. The Flat White is smooth and velvety for R 35. Chocolate lovers can enjoy the Chococcino for R 52.

For caffeine-free options, try the Five Roses Rooibos (R 30) or Lemon Tea (R 32) with Lemon Wedge & Honey. Quench your thirst with Water (R 16), Sodas (R 27), or opt for a fruity Rock Shandy (R 42) or Fruit Juice (R 35). Indulge in milkshakes, smoothies, and Freezos (R 45 – R 48) for a creamy treat. Cappuccinos menu caters to different preferences, ensuring a delightful experience for all.

Single EspressoR 25
Single EspressoR 28
CappuccinoR 33
CremaccinoR 37
Flat WhiteR 35
Grande CappuccinoR 38
Grande CremaccinoR 42
ChococcinoR 52
Classic Café LatteR 37
Five Roses, RooibosR 30
Lemon Tea With A Lemon Wedge & HoneyR 32
Water With Lemon Wedges & HoneyR 16
Red CappuccinoR 37
Red LatteR 39
FrullataR 44
CappufrappéR 42
SodasR 27
TizersR 35
Cordials With Lemonade Or SodaR 30
Rock ShandyR 42
Loaded MilkshakesR 56
Fruit JuiceR 35
Coffee, AmericanoR 28
Grande CoffeeR 32
Iced TeaR 32
Toni Glass Iced TeaR 32
Toni Glass Iced Tea (Sugar Free)R 32
MilkshakesR 45
SmoothiesR 45
FreezosR 48
Cappuccinos Drinks

About Cappuccinos

Cappuccino Restaurant in South Africa is a friendly and inviting place to enjoy delicious food and drinks, With its branches across South Africa. It’s located in the busy city center and welcomes locals and tourists.  Each branch is beautifully decorated with comfortable seating and lovely artwork that adds to the cozy atmosphere.

Cappuccino menu offers a selection of tasty dishes like pasta, grilled meats, and fresh salads. But the star of the show is their signature cappuccino, made with rich espresso and creamy steamed milk. Whether you want a quick meal or a relaxed dining experience, Cappuccino Restaurant is the perfect spot to enjoy delicious flavors and relax with Family and Friends.

Cappuccinos Menu with Prices in South Africa
Cappuccinos Restaurant


Does Cappuccinos Restaurant offer vegetarian or vegan options?

Yes, Cappuccinos Restaurant provides a selection of vegetarian and vegan options on their menu. They offer dishes that cater to different dietary preferences and requirements.

Are reservations required at Cappuccinos Restaurant?

Reservations are not always required at Cappuccinos Restaurant, especially during non-peak hours. However, it is recommended to make a reservation, especially for larger groups or during busy times, to ensure you have a table available upon arrival.

Can I host private events or parties at Cappuccinos Restaurant?

Yes, Cappuccinos Restaurant often has facilities for hosting private events, parties, or gatherings. It is best to contact the specific location you are interested in and inquire about their event hosting capabilities and availability.

Does Cappuccinos Restaurant offer takeaway or delivery services?

Yes, Cappuccinos Restaurant typically offers takeaway services, allowing you to order your favorite dishes and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home. Some locations may also provide delivery services, depending on their specific policies and partnerships with delivery platforms.

Does Cappuccinos Restaurant have a loyalty or rewards program?

Cappuccinos Restaurant may have a loyalty or rewards program in place. You can inquire about their loyalty program at the restaurant or check their website or social media pages for more information.

Contact Information

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