KFC Menu with Prices 2023 in South Africa

KFC menu in south Africa is one of the most popular menus in the world which was liked by every one in the world including South Africa. They are famous all over South Africa because of their classic fried chicken. KFC menu prices are also reasonable which is one of the main reason why people love to go to their restaurants.

if you are a chicken lover you must have to try Chicken Licken Menu south Africa.

KFC South Africa menus are vary by location to location but mostly they are famous to make burgers, fried chicken, hot wings, sides, desserts, popcorn chicken, beverages and a verity of excellent drinks. Here is a detail list of latest KFC menu prices 2023:

Box Meals

Introducing the KFC Box Meals Menu with a range of tempting options. Try the All Star Lunch Box for R 64.9, the Chicken Lunch Box for R 49.9, or the Wrapsta Box for R 49.9. Upgrade options available. For a fully satisfying meal, choose the Fully Loaded Box Meal Original for R 79.9. Enjoy a satisfying dining experience with the All Star Lunch Box With Regular Drink for R 59.9.

All Star Lunch Box With Buddy DrinkR 64.9
Chicken Lunch Box With Regular DrinkR 49.9
Chicken Lunch Box With Buddy DrinkR 54.9
Wrapsta Box With Regular DrinkR 49.9
Wrapsta Box With Buddy BottleR 54.9
Fully Loaded Box Meal OriginalR 79.9
All Star Lunch Box With Regular DrinkR 59.9
Box Meals

Burgers & Twisters

Discover the irresistible options on the KFC Fast Food menu. Try the Boxmaster Twister for R 49.9, Classic Twister or Sweet Chilli Twister for R 39.9, or the Grilled Classic Twister for R 39.9. Enjoy the Double Crunch Burger for R 49.9, Colonel Burger or Zinger Burger for R 39.9. Snack on the affordable Snack Burger for R 16.9 or savor the Crunch Burger for R 24.9. Don’t miss the Wrapsta Twister for R 26.9. Our diverse menu satisfies every craving.

Boxmaster TwisterR 49.9
Classic TwisterR 39.9
Sweet Chilli TwisterR 39.9
Grilled Classic TwisterR 39.9
Double Crunch BurgerR 49.9
Colonel BurgerR 39.9
Zinger BurgerR 39.9
Snack BurgerR 16.9
Crunch BurgerR 24.9
Wrapsta TwisterR 26.9
Burgers & Twisters


Discover the convenient and budget-friendly Streetwise KFC menu. Try the Streetwise One with Large Chips for R 19.9, Streetwise Two with Chips for R 32.9, or the hearty Streetwise Three with Chips for R 45.9. Indulge in the ultimate feast with the Streetwise Five with Large Chips at R 81.9.

Alternatively, choose the Streetwise One with Mash or the Streetwise Three with Pap for R 19.9 and R 45.9 respectively. Craving a twist? The Streetwise Two with Pap is available for R 31.9. Satisfy your on-the-go cravings with our variety of choices.

Streetwise One with Large ChipsR 19.9
Streetwise Two with ChipsR 32.9
Streetwise Three with ChipsR 45.9
Streetwise Five with Large ChipsR 81.9
Streetwise One with MashR 19.9
Streetwise Three with PapR 45.9
Streetwise Two with PapR 31.9


Discover delicious and affordable side dishes at KFC menu. Try the Coleslaw for R 14.9 or choose from Salads at R 44.9 or Green Salads at R 29.9. Enjoy crispy Sprinkle Pops for R 30.9 or Pops for R 38.9. Grab a quick bite with 1 Piece Chicken for R 17.9. Spice it up with Zinger Wings at R 24.9 or Dunked Wings at R 29.9.

Don’t forget the Chips for R 9.9 or creamy Mash Gravy for R 10.9. Snack on the Mini Loaf for R 6.9. Elevate your dining experience with our mouthwatering sides and snacks.

ColeslawR 14.9
SaladsR 44.9
Green SaladsR 29.9
Regular Sprinkle PopsR 30.9
PopsR 38.9
1 Piece ChickenR 17.9
Zinger WingsR 24.9
Dunked WingsR 29.9
ChipsR 9.9
Mash GravyR 10.9
Mini LoafR 6.9


Quench your thirst with diverse drink selection at KFC menu. Stay refreshed with Still Water (500ml) at R 12.9, or enjoy a caffeinated boost with Cappuccino for R 19.9 or Espresso for R 13.9. Indulge in the rich and creamy Hot Chocolate for R 21.9, or opt for the soothing warmth of Five Roses Tea at R 13.9. For a fizzy and fruity delight, try the Sparkling Krusher at R 17.9, or choose the refreshing and fruity option of Liquifruit at R 10.9.

If you’re sharing or in need of a larger serving, select our Soft Drinks available in Buddy Bottle (R 15.9), 1L bottle (R 19.9), or 2L bottle (R 26.9). With a wide range of choices, our drink menu has something to satisfy every taste and occasion.

Still Water 500mlR 12.9
CappuccinoR 19.9
Hot ChocolateR 21.9
EspressoR 13.9
Five Roses TeaR 13.9
Sparkling KrusherR 17.9
LiquifruitR 10.9
Soft Drink Buddy BottleR 15.9
Soft Drink 1LR 19.9
Soft Drink 2LR 26.9


Indulge in delightful desserts at KFC Menu. Try the Oreo Krusher or Verry Berry Krusher for R 26.9, a refreshing blend of flavors. Enjoy a classic Soft Serve Twirl for R 5.9 or add a chocolatey twist with Soft Serve Twirl with Choch for R 9.9. Treat yourself to the rich flavors of Chocolate Sundae and Mixed Berry Sundae, both priced at R 17.9. Satisfy your sweet tooth with our delightful dessert options.

Oreo KrusherR 26.9
Verry Berry KrusherR 26.9
Soft Serve TwirlR 5.9
Soft Serve Twirl with ChochR 9.9
Chocolate SundaeR 17.9
Mixed Berry SundaeR 17.9

KFC Breakfast Menu

Start your day with KFC,s affordable and delicious AM menu. Try the AM Riser Burger with Hash Brown for R 24.9 or the convenient AM Mini Twister with Hash Brown for R 23.9. For a lighter bite, go for the AM Snacker Burger for R 14.9 or the AM Snacker Burger with Snack Patty for R 19.9. Customize your breakfast with Toasted Chicken Mayo Only, Toasted Cheese & Tomato Only, or Toasted Egg & Cheese Only for R 24.9. Grab a satisfying on-the-go meal with the Brekkie Crunch Wrap for R 26.9.

Complete your breakfast with options like AM Toasted Chicken & Mayo Meal, AM Toasted Tomato & Cheese Meal, or Toasted Egg & Cheese Meal for R 44.9. Indulge in the mouthwatering flavors of the AM Deluxe Burger for R 42.9 or try the AM Riser Burger with Snack Patty for R 24.9. Enjoy a delicious and energizing start to your day with KFC menu.

AM Riser Burger With Hash BrownR 24.9
AM Mini Twister With Hash BrownR 23.9
AM Snacker BurgerR 14.9
AM Snacker Burger With Snack PattyR 19.9
Toasted Chicken Mayo OnlyR 24.9
Toasted Cheese & Tomato OnlyR 24.9
Toasted Egg & Cheese OnlyR 24.9
Brekkie Crunch WrapR 26.9
AM Toasted Chicken & Mayo MealR 44.9
AM Toasted Tomato & Cheese MealR 44.9
Toasted Egg & Cheese MealR 44.9
AM Deluxe BurgerR 42.9
AM Riser Burger With Snack PattyR 24.9
KFC Breakfast Menu

Family Meals

KFC Menu offer a variety of family meal options to make your dining experience satisfying and convenient. The Family Treat 10 includes 10 pieces of chicken, 2 large portions of chips, and 3 sides for R 214.9. If you prefer a slightly smaller meal, the Family Treat 8 offers 8 pieces of chicken, 2 large portions of chips, and 3 sides for R 195.9.

For smaller gatherings, the Family Treat 6 provides 6 pieces of chicken, 2 large portions of chips, and 3 sides for R 172.9. If you’re looking for a delicious twist, the KFC Feast 6 comes with 6 pieces of chicken, 3 mini loaves, and 2 servings of gravy for R 109.9. Similarly, the KFC Feast 8 includes 8 pieces of chicken, 3 mini loaves, and 2 servings of gravy for R 134.9. These options ensure a satisfying and enjoyable meal for your entire family.

Family Treat 10 – 10 piece chicken, 2 large chips, 3 sidesR 214.9
Family Treat 8 – 8 piece chicken, 2 large chips, 3 sidesR 195.9
Family Treat 6 – 6 piece chicken, 2 large chips, 3 sidesR 172.9
KFC Feast 6 – 6 piece chicken, 3 mini loaves, 2 gravyR 109.9
KFC Feast 8 – 8 piece chicken, 3 mini loaves, 2 gravyR 134.9
Family Meals

KFC Buckets

Satisfy your chicken cravings with affordable chicken bucket options from KFC Menu South Africa. The 9 Piece Chicken Bucket is priced at R 122.9, while the 15 Piece Chicken Bucket offers more chicken for R 199.9. For larger appetites, the 21 Piece Chicken Bucket is available at R 264.9. If you prefer wings, try the 4 Dunked Wings for R 29.9 or the 10 Dunked Wings for R 64.9.

We also have the 4 Zinger Wings for R 24.9 and the 10 Zinger Wings for R 54.9, offering a spicy alternative. For the ultimate treat, the 24 Wings Bucket is priced at R 129.9, perfect for sharing. Indulge in our flavorful chicken buckets and enjoy a scrumptious meal with friends and family.

9 Piece Chicken BucketR 122.9
15 Piece Chicken BucketR 199.9
21 Piece Chicken BucketR 264.9
4 Dunked WingsR 29.9
10 Dunked WingsR 64.9
4 Zinger WingsR 24.9
10 Zinger WingsR 54.9
24 Wings BucketR 129.9
KFC Buckets

About KFC

KFC South Africa is a famous fast-food chain with several branches across the country. They are known for their delicious fried chicken. KFC has become a go-to destination for many South Africans seeking a quick and delicious meal. With branches spread out in various cities and towns, KFC offers convenient locations for customers to satisfy their wishes.

Whether you are in bustling cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, or smaller towns, chances are you’ll find a KFC branch nearby. KFC Restaurant ensures that you can enjoy its best dining experience in various cities across South Africa.

KFC Menu South Africa - KFC Restaurant South Africa


Does KFC South Africa offer any breakfast items?

Yes, KFC South Africa offers a breakfast menu, which includes items such as the Big Breakfast Box and the Breakfast Twister

Does KFC South Africa offer any vegetarian or vegan options?

Yes, KFC South Africa has a few vegetarian options, including the Veggie Burger and the Streetwise 2 with a Vegetarian Burger patty. However, they currently do not offer any vegan options.

Are there any seasonal or limited-time menu items at KFC South Africa?

Yes, KFC South Africa often introduces seasonal or limited-time menu items. These items are usually available for a few weeks or months, and may include new flavors or variations of existing menu items.

Does KFC South Africa offer any meal deals or combos?

Yes, KFC South Africa offers a variety of meal deals and combos, which include a combination of menu items at a discounted price. These deals may vary depending on the location and time of day.

Are the KFC menu items in South Africa halal-certified?

Yes, KFC South Africa offers halal-certified options, which are available at selected outlets. Customers can check with their local KFC restaurant to find out if they offer halal options.

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