Galito’s Menu with Prices 2023 South Africa

Galito’s menu in South Africa offers a wide range of delicious options to satisfy your taste buds. From succulent flame-grilled chicken to flavorful burgers and wraps, there’s something for everyone at Galito’s. Galito’s menu prices may vary by location, But their menu prices are budget-friendly, so you can enjoy a fantastic meal without breaking the bank.

Whether you are in Johannesburg, Cape Town, or any other city in South Africa, Galito’s is the best spot to go for. So, if you’re looking for a delightful dining experience, treat yourself with family and friends to their fantastic menu without worrying about the cost. Here is the list of the latest list of Galito’s menu prices in 2023 in south Africa:

Galito’s Piriwings

Galito’s menu offers a range of configurations and prices. For 4 winglets, the cost is R 22. Adding chips increases it to R 27.5. Opting for 4 winglets, chips, and a buddy system totals R 44. For 6 winglets, the price is R 32, and adding chips brings it to R 37.5. Including a buddy system raises the cost to R 54. Choosing 8 winglets alone costs R 42, while adding chips increases it to R 49.5. Finally, for 8 winglets, chips, and a buddy system, the total cost is R 66.

4 WingletsR 22
4 Winglets + ChipsR 27.5
4 Winglets + Chips + BuddyR 44
6 WingletsR 32
6 Winglets + ChipsR 37.5
6 Winglets + Chips + BuddyR 54
8 WingletsR 42
8 Winglets + ChipsR 49.5
8 Winglets + Chips + BuddyR 66
Galito’s Piriwings

Sharing Piriwings

Check out Galito’s menu South Africa for delicious options! Enjoy 15 winglets for just R 78 or upgrade to include chips for R 85. Craving more? Indulge in 20 winglets alone at R 99 or add chips for R 109. For the ultimate feast, go for 30 winglets at R 139 or top it off with chips for R 149. Customize your order and satisfy your taste buds at Galito’s!

15 WingletsR 78
15 Winglets + ChipsR 85
20 WingletsR 99
20 Winglets + ChipsR 109
30 WingletsR 139
30 Winglets + ChipsR 149
Sharing Piriwings

Meals To Snack

Indulge in a delectable feast with diverse menu at Galito’s. Savor the mouthwatering livers, priced at R 25, or opt for the satisfying livers meal with a side dish for R 30.5. For a unique culinary experience, try Skhaftin 1, available for only R 19, or go for the hearty Skhaftin 2 at R 32. With these affordable and flavorful choices, Galito’s ensures there’s something to delight every palate.

LiversR 25
Livers MealR 30.5
Skhaftin 1R 19
Skhaftin 2R 32
Meals To Snack

Meals For 1

Galito’s menu South Africa offers a diverse selection of delicious dishes to cater to various tastes. Whether you’re craving a classic combo like Chicken Strips & Chips (R 43) or Chicken Strips & Rice (R 46), a nutritious Veggie Bowl (R 45), a flavorful Galibowl (R 52), a refreshing Chicken Salad (R 49), or a satisfying 1/4 Chicken Combo (R 59), there’s something for everyone. Additionally, they provide lighter options like the Go-Go Meal (R 55) and smaller portions like the 1/4 Chicken (R 37), while the Lean & Lekker option (R 71) ensures a wholesome choice. Enjoy the wide range of delectable options on the Galito’s menu!

Chicken Strips & ChipsR 43
Chicken Strips & RiceR 46
Veggie BowlR 45
GalibowlR 52
Chicken SaladR 49
1/4 Chicken MealR 42.5
1/4 Chicken ComboR 59
Go-Go MealR 55
1/4 ChickenR 37
Lean & LekkerR 71
Meals For 1

Galito’s Extras

The Galito’s menu South Africa offers a range of flavorful side dishes to complement your meal. From the satisfying Galipap at R 8 to the spicy Chilli Bean at R 26, there’s something for everyone’s taste. For a lighter option, try the nutritious Spinach at R 27, or enjoy the refreshing and crunchy Coleslaw at R 17. The Garden Salad at R 28 provides a fresh and vibrant choice, while the Spicy Rice at R 12 adds a flavorful twist. And don’t forget the Portuguese Roll at R 8, perfect as a snack or alongside your meal.

GalipapR 8
Chilli BeanR 26
SpinachR 27
ColeslawR 17
Garden SaladR 28
Spicy RiceR 12
Portuguese RollR 8
Galito’s Extras
Chilli Bean
Chilli Bean

Big Deal Meals

Discover the Galito’s menu in South Africa, designed to satisfy your cravings with a wide range of options. From the Filler Pack at R 69 to the generous 1/2 Chicken portion also priced at R 69, there’s something for everyone. Upgrade to the 1/2 Chicken Meal at R 74.5 for additional sides or try the Half Supreme for R 87, a flavorful blend of ingredients. Don’t miss the 1/2 Chicken Combo at R 89, perfect for a complete and delicious meal with extra sides.

Filler PackR 69
1/2 ChickenR 69
1/2 Chicken MealR 74.5
Half SupremeR 87
1/2 Chicken ComboR 89
Big Deal Meals

Meals To Share

Discover the Galito’s menu in South Africa, featuring a range of satisfying meal options to curb your hunger. Indulge in the Galito’s Half Pack for R 110, offering a substantial portion of their mouthwatering grilled chicken. If you’re craving more, go for the Full Chicken priced at R 135, ensuring a satisfying experience. Don’t miss the Value Pack for R 146, offering a great value combination of delicious chicken and sides.

Galito’S Half PackR 110
Full ChickenR 135
Value PackR 146
Power FeastR 174
Good Times FeastR 189
Chillaz PackR 199
Galito’S Full PackR 215
Meals To Share

Burgers And Wraps

Indulge in Galito’s menu in South Africa with a range of mouthwatering options. Savor the Chicken Prego for R 33, featuring grilled chicken and a delectable sauce on a soft roll. If you’re a burger lover, try the Chicken Burger for R 39 or go for the cheesy delight of the Chicken & Cheese Burger priced at R 44. For a hearty meal, the Double Up for R 69 offers two chicken patties layered with cheese and condiments. Prefer a wrap? Opt for the Chicken Wrap at R 39 or enjoy the cheesy goodness of the Chicken & Cheese Wrap for R 44. Galito’s ensures flavorful and satisfying chicken-based meals in every bite.

Chicken PregoR 33
Chicken BurgerR 39
Chicken & Cheese BurgerR 44
Double UpR 69
Chicken WrapR 39
Chicken & Cheese WrapR 44
Burgers And Wraps
Galito's menu prices in south Africa
Galito’s Restaurant

About Galito’s

Galito’s is a popular restaurant chain with branches spread across South Africa. It’s a go-to place for delicious meals, great dining experiences, Friendly staff, and a cozy atmosphere. Galito’s is well-known for its flame-grilled chicken, cooked to perfection.

The menu offers a variety of options to suit different tastes, from juicy burgers to delicious wraps. With branches located in major cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, you can easily find Galito’s near you. So, if you want tasty food and friendly service, will visit one of Galito’s branches in South Africa for a delightful dining experience.


Are there gluten-free options available at Galito’s?

Galito’s does not explicitly advertise gluten-free options on their menu. However, some dishes like grilled chicken and certain salads may be suitable for individuals following a gluten-free diet. It is recommended to check with the restaurant staff regarding specific dietary restrictions and ingredient information.

Can I customize my order at Galito’s?

Yes, Galito’s allows some customization of orders. You may have the option to choose different sauces, toppings, or sides to accompany your meal. However, the extent of customization may vary depending on the specific menu item and location. It is best to inquire with the staff about the available customization options.

Does Galito’s offer delivery or takeout services?

Yes, Galito’s typically offers both delivery and takeout services. You can either order online through their website or use third-party food delivery platforms to have your Galito’s meal conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Takeout orders can be placed directly at the restaurant location.

Are nutritional information and allergen details provided for menu items?

Galito’s may provide some nutritional information and allergen details for their menu items. It is advisable to check their official website or contact the restaurant directly for specific dietary concerns and detailed nutritional information.

Does Galito’s offer catering services for events or large gatherings?

Yes, Galito’s often provides catering services for events and large gatherings. They may have special catering packages available that include a selection of their grilled chicken dishes, sides, and beverages. It is recommended to contact your nearest Galito’s location to inquire about their catering options, pricing, and availability.

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