Fishaways Menu with Prices 2023 South Africa

Fishaways is a famous restaurant in South Africa. Fishaways menu offers a delicious variety of seafood dishes at affordable prices. Their menu is filled with delicious options that satisfy any seafood lover’s wishes. You can choose from various meals, including fish and chips, grilled fish, calamari, prawns, and more.

Each dish is prepared with fresh ingredients, ensuring a delightful dining experience. Fishaways menu prices may vary by location, But they are reasonable, making it an excellent option for a tasty yet budget-friendly meal. So if you’re in South Africa and looking to enjoy some delicious seafood, Fishaways is the best spot to enjoy with family and friends. Here is a detailed list of the latest Fishaways menu price 2023 in South Africa:

Fishaways Sharing Meals

Indulge in mouthwatering platters and sharing meals at Fishaways menu, perfect for quality time with loved ones. For just R 99.9, the Double Up Meal offers double the satisfaction, while the Hake & Calamari Platter (R 119.9) and Hake & Fishcake Platter (R 134.9) combine delightful flavors. The Snack Platter (R 114.9) is ideal for snack enthusiasts, and couples can enjoy the Platter For Two (R 209.9). The Family Platter (R 229.9) caters to larger groups, and the Sharing Meal for Three (R 149.9) provides a scrumptious dining experience.

Double Up MealR 99.9
Hake & Calamari PlatterR 119.9
Hake & Fishcake PlatterR 134.9
Snack PlatterR 114.9
Platter For TwoR 209.9
Family PlatterR 229.9
Sharing Meal for ThreeR 149.9
Fishaways Sharing Meals
Fishaways Snack Platter

Fishaways Snacks

Savor the diverse seafood sliders and snacks at Fishaways menu South Africa. Try the popular Hake Slider (R 26.9) or add some crunch with the Hake Slider with Chips (R 36.9). The Calamari Slider (R 26.9) and Calamari Slider with Chips (R 36.9) are equally tempting. Don’t miss the unique Hake & Onion Rings Slider (R 19.9) or explore the innovative Fish Pops, Squiggly Pops, and Veggie Pops (R 38.9 each). Experience a variety of flavors in a convenient and delicious way.

Hake SliderR 26.9
Hake Slider with ChipsR 36.9
Hake Slider Combo MealR 41.9
Calamari SliderR 26.9
Calamari Slider with ChipsR 36.9
Calamari Slider Combo MealR 48.9
Hake & Onion Rings SliderR 19.9
Hake & Onion Rings Slider with ChipsR 34.9
Hake & Onion Rings Slider Combo MealR 48.9
Onion RingsR 18.9
Pop PrawnsR 41.9
Sriracha Pop PrawnsR 44.9
Fish PopsR 38.9
Squiggly PopsR 34.9
Veggie PopsR 34.9
Hake NuggetsR 38.9
Calamari StripsR 38.9
Shrimp Fried RiceR 38.9
FishcakeR 21.9
Fishaways Snacks

Fishaways Sides

Discover lighter and healthier options available at Fishaways menu. The Veg Stir-Fry (R 32.9) is packed with fresh vegetables, while the Hake Fillet comes in regular (R 31.9), medium (R 42.9), and large (R 59.9) sizes. Refreshing sides like Coleslaw (R 27.9 regular, R 29.9 Sriracha) and Green Salad (R 32.9 regular, R 34.9 large) add crunch and flavor. Enhance your meal with Extra Sauce (R 4.9) and enjoy classic sides like Chips (R 22.9 to R 45.9) and Rice (R 22.9 to R 32.9). The Burger Roll (R 11.9) offers a convenient and tasty option.

Veg Stir-FryR 32.9
Hake Fillet (regular)R 31.9
Hake Fillet (medium)R 42.9
Hake Fillet (large)R 59.9
Coleslaw (regular)R 27.9
Sriracha Coleslaw (regular)R 29.9
Green Salad (regular)R 32.9
Green Salad (large)R 34.9
Greek Salad (regular)R 38.9
Greek Salad (large)R 45.9
Extra SauceR 4.9
Chips (small)R 22.9
Chips (medium)R 27.9
Chips (large)R 32.9
Chips (extra large)R 45.9
Rice (small)R 22.9
Rice (medium)R 27.9
Rice (large)R 32.9
Burger RollR 11.9
Fishaways Sides

Meals Under 500cal

Satisfy your seafood cravings with delicious dishes served at Fishaways menu South Africa. The Basa & Pine Wrap and Honey Soy Fish Wrap (R 49.9 each) provide flavorful, convenient options. The Grilled Hake & Veg Stir Fry (R 52.9) combines succulent hake with fresh vegetables. The Fishcakes & Green Salad (R 54.9) offers crispy fishcakes and a refreshing salad. Don’t miss the unique and flavorful Honey Soy Fish Pot (R 54.9). Indulge in the vibrant Rainbow Shrimp Salad (R 76.9) for a light and colorful choice.

Basa & Pine WrapR 49.9
Honey Soy Fish WrapR 49.9
Grilled Hake & Veg Stir FryR 52.9
Fishcakes & Green SaladR 54.9
Honey Soy Fish PotR 54.9
Rainbow Shrimp SaladR 76.9
Meals Under 500cal
Fishaways Honey Soy Fish Pot
Fishaways Honey Soy Fish Pot

Fishaways Single Eats

Experience a diverse range of seafood options at Fishaways menu. Enjoy the Grilled Hake Meal (R 68.9) for a delicious and healthy choice. Try the handheld delights like Hake Wrap, Basa Wrap, Calamari Wrap, and Prawn Wrap (R 44.9 to R 54.9). The Burger Meal with Chips (R 46.9) offers a classic and satisfying option. The Good Life Meal (R 62.9) provides a wholesome choice. For generous servings, opt for the Platter For One (R 109.9). Explore a variety of flavors with the Hake Meal in different sizes (R 39.9 to R 79.9). Don’t miss the Seafood Hot Pots (R 44.9) or the flavorful Seafood Paella (R 79.9).

Grilled Hake MealR 68.9
Hake WrapR 44.9
Basa WrapR 44.9
Calamari WrapR 46.9
Prawn WrapR 54.9
Burger Meal with ChipsR 46.9
Good Life MealR 62.9
Platter For OneR 109.9
Hake Meal (small)R 39.9
Hake Meal (medium)R 59.9
Hake Meal (large)R 79.9
Seafood Hot PotsR 44.9
Seafood PaellaR 79.9
Hake & Calamari TubesR 89.9
Hake & Calamari StripsR 86.9
Fishaways Single Eats
Fishaways menu South Africa
Fishaways Restaurant

About Fishaways

Fishaways is a popular seafood restaurant chain in South Africa with branches in different cities across South Africa. It’s well-known for its tasty seafood dishes, relaxed dining atmosphere, and friendly staff. They have a wide variety of delicious options to choose from.

Whether you’re in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, or any other major city in South Africa, you can find a Fishaways branch nearby. So if you’re in the mood for some delicious seafood, visit Fishaways and enjoy their yummy dishes at a branch near you.


What types of seafood do they serve?

Fishaways offers a diverse menu of seafood options. Some of the popular dishes include grilled or fried fish, calamari, prawns, fish burgers, seafood wraps, and seafood combos.

Are there vegetarian or non-seafood options available?

While Fishaways primarily focuses on seafood, they also have some vegetarian options available, such as veggie burgers or wraps. These options cater to customers who prefer non-seafood or vegetarian meals.

Can I order online or for delivery?

Yes, Fishaways provides the convenience of online ordering and delivery services through their website or partnered food delivery platforms. You can place your order online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Are the ingredients fresh?

Fishaways prides itself on using fresh ingredients to prepare their dishes. They source their seafood from trusted suppliers and ensure that it meets their quality standards.

Contact Information

Do you want to get latest information for Fishaways menu prices in South Africa? or want to contact with their team, feel free to contact with them through following social media sources:

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